What would Roscoe do?

Everything I ever needed to know about being badass I learned from Roscoe. No not that Roscoe. (Although….)

This Roscoe:

Roscoe, role model for us all.

Now you might look at Roscoe and just see a turkey, a butt of a joke or even a main course. But when I look at Roscoe I see a role model.

Roscoe the turkey (may he rest in peace) was beloved by hundreds, if not thousands of the residents and visitors of Lansdowne during our short couple of years together. Roscoe not only has a Facebook page with 975 likes, but the Animal Friends of Lansdowne sells bumper stickers in his honor. Why did people love a creature who caused traffic jams, pooped all over town, and made noise at all times of day ? Because Roscoe was ours. We knew what to expect from him, because he was always Roscoe.

Roscoe was a turkey, through and through. He didn’t try to be a crow or a bald eagle, those scoundrels. He was himself. If being unapologetically yourself isn’t badass, I don’t know what is.

So there’s the lesson for us all. In order to do good work and leave an impact on the world:

Be yourself.

Strut your stuff.

Take up space.

Command respect.

Be like Roscoe.

Don’t be a Jive Turkey.

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