Ceci n’est pas another post about the shutdown.

We started this blog right before domestic public health was brought to its knees.   As of this post, it’s been ten days since the federal government shut down.  Biomedical research is being destroyed, WIC programs are running out of money, and the CDC isn’t tracking the flu.  Oh, and there’s already been a salmonella outbreak.

It’s bad out there.

But you knew that already.

We started this blog in hopes of creating a public health community that’s all about growth, expansion, and breaking some rules.  We don’t need another place to lament about what’s broken, and you won’t find that here.  That’s what your local watering hole is for.

I read a post recently about keeping your mouth shut when you have nothing to say, and I’m (mostly) taking Jim’s advice.  You can follow the latest on the shutdown from the news outlet of your choice, and we’ll keep writing the kinds of posts that we were already working on.  Public health will still be kicking long after this shutdown is a distant memory.  Let’s make sure it kicks some ass.

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